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Product Description:
The latest craze in Urban Kayaking 16 ft and 17 ft Fibre Glass Kayaks MSRP: $3,000 Introductory Offer $1,599-While Quantities Last!
Benefits of Kayaking:
Research in Journal of Leisureability (Sydney Herald), found that participants in a 12 week kayaking program reported elevated feelings of self-worth, confidence and adequacy. Also reported a better overall physical appearance. Depending on personal goals, kayaking can be peaceful, meditative, an aerobic activity, a cardio work-out or pedal-to-the-metal-style!

Environmentally Friendly. Nature at its Best. The Great Outdoors. Stress Reduction. Weight Loss.Muscle Toning.

Glide across a tranquil lake or river-or paddle your heart out‿kayaking is fast becoming the latest urban craze. A cross between surfing and paddle boarding!! It makes your life Whole!
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